Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: “How do I get costumes for my thespians?”
A: Many schools’ Coordinators choose to make their own costumes. However, if you don’t know a costumer you may find the Denver Public Schools Costume Shop an excellent resource. NO BARE FEET ALLOWED AT THE FESTIVAL FOR SAFETY REASONS.

Q: “When and where does the Festival take place?”
A: The 36th Annual Shakespeare Festival takes place on Friday, April 24th, 2020 at the Denver Performing Arts Complex (DPAC). At 10am, the Opening Ceremonies are held at 15th & Arapahoe. We then parade down the 16th Street Mall to the DPAC, and performances are held there from 10:45 until 4:15 pm.

Q: “Must lines be memorized for the previews?”
A: Yes. Students should have all lines memorized for previews. We request 2 minutes for your preview. For preview information, please contact Anna Estes at Anna_Estes@dpsk12.org

Q: “Must this be performed in Shakespeare English?”
A: Yes. Lines may be cut for ease of performance, as long as the integrity of the scene is unchanged. In addition, the Denver Public Schools Shakespeare Festival is proud to showcase the work of our non-English speaking students on a multi-lingual stage.

Q: “Is there a fee to participate in the Festival?”
A: No. The Festival is open and free to the public. However, if you wish to perform on stage, you need to preview scenes prior to the Festival. For preview information, please contact Anna Estes at Anna_Estes@dpsk12.org

Q: “What are the dimensions of each stage??”
A: Most of the stages are 16′ wide by 16′ deep, however our some of the stages within the Denver Performing Arts Complex do provide performers with additional space.

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